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8 Reasons to do the Camino dos Faros

Fecha: 2020-11-19

Lighthouse Way is a hiking route that runs along the coast of Costa de la Muerte (Death Coast,) in the northwest of Galicia, connecting all the lighthouses in the region while running along the edge of the sea.

The Camino dos Faros (Lighthouse Way) is a hiking route that runs along the coast of Costa de la Muerte (Death Coast,) in the northwest of Galicia, connecting all the lighthouses in the region while running along the edge of the sea.

Although this route is not a pilgrimage per se, it is a must for hiking enthusiasts and perfect for all those who wish to see Death Coast.

Here are 8 great reasons to walk Camino dos Faros:



The prestigious newspaper, "The Telegraph", recommends this route for all readers who are looking for a "great adventure" as their next tourist destination.

The newspaper defines the Galician coast as "dramatic," calling it "dangerous for sailors," but "absolutely impressive for hikers." Included among its attractions: historic lighthouses, shipwrecks, cliffs and coves.



Thousands of unending landscapes will accompany you on this hike... just as you are enjoying one, you'll suddenly happen upon another. You will be immersed in lighthouses, beaches, dunes, rivers, cliffs, forests, estuaries with a large number of birds, granite-lined seas, castros, dolmens, fishing villages, viewpoints of the sea from every vantage point and sunsets ... a hiking trail like few others and one that will take you, the traveler, to a world of unique sensations that can only be enjoyed along this Costa da Morte.



Galicia is a region that enjoys first hand ingredients and exquisite cuisine. Especially if you like fish and seafood, this route is for you. You won't find any other place where you can eat such a rich selection of food.



Camino dos Faros is full of carefully preserved small towns and villages where you can see how life was and continues to be in rural Galicia.



Due to its close proximity to the sea, the temperatures are mild throughout the year. Even in summer, when it's impossible to travel to other places, you'll still enjoy beautiful weather here.


Because it is stil an unknown route, there are no crowds. So, if you like enjoying peace and quiet with beautiful scenery, this is undoubtedly the route for you.



Just as the road to Santiago is marked by yellow arrows, this route is marked with small arrows and green dots that will help you follow the route. The arrows indicate the direction and the dots signal that you are on the right path.



In addition to enjoying the outdoors, nature and tranquility, you can also remain active if you hike this route while you get to know the impressive Costa de la Muerte at the same time.

If you haven't read our article on the benefits of taking an active vacation, read it here.


If you like hiking, traquility and beauty, in short, everything we have told you about so far, this is without a doubt, your Camino (Way.)

Spain is More organizes the trip so you stay at small hotels along this route, about which you can read here. 150 km during which you'll fully enjoy the landscapes, heritage, cuisine and people at all times. Put the planning in our hands and allow yourself the simple luxury of enjoying your time.

If you are interested in making your next trip a great adventure, contact us and we will get to work to make your dreams come true.


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