Camino Primitivo: Oviedo - Santiago


One of the notable characteristics of this route, however, is its level of difficulty. It is significantly hillier than the French Camino, especially between Oviedo and Lugo, where you will find yourself constantly hiking up or down.

There are a limited number of pilgrims on this fairly unknown route.  In fact only about 3% of all pilgrims arrive in Santiago via the Camino Primitivo, which is why it is perhaps the most pristine and charming.

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? NOTE: nowhere, in any Camino, will steep cliffs be found next to path!

1: Very easy. Flat and without significant gradients. Good and normally wide paths.

2: Easy. Slightly hilly. Good and normally wide paths.

3: Medium. Hilly, possibly with longer distances between service facilities/cities. Good, sometimes narrow paths.

4: Medium/Hard. Longer, steeper climbs, perhaps with few servicefacilities/cities. Good, sometimes narrow paths.

5: Hard. Long gradient(s), possibly few facilities. Very hilly. Good, sometimes narrow paths.

Featured places: Oviedo, Lugo, Nature, Santiago, Salas, Tineo.

Distance: 340km. (212 miles)

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Camino Primitivo Walk

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1.- Oviedo - Grado 25 km

2.- Grado - Salas 23 km

3.- Salas - Tineo 20 km

4.- Tineo - Pola de Allande 26 km

5.- Pola de Allande - Berducedo 16 km

6.- Berducedo - Grandas de Salime 20 km

7.- Salime - A Fonsagrada 26 km

8.- A Fonsagrada - O Cádavo 26 km

9.- O Cádavo - Lugo 30 km

10.- Lugo - Ferreira, Galicia 27 km

11.- Ferreira, Galicia - Sedor, Galicia 28 km

12.- Sedor - O Pedrouzo 26 km

13.- O Pedrouzo - Santiago 19 km

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