Canyoning is a fun and different experience for everyone in the family. The beautiful mountains and streams are crossed using various methods and you will try both rappelling, climbing and gliding through streams and rivers. A mixture of many fun mountain activities, which is always a big hit among our guests - youngsters as well as older.
The trip can be arranged so that people at different levels easily can be challenged even on the same group. An enthusiastic guide, who will be giving you a joyful experience, will follow you around the terrain. This activity can also be tested at night, when the experience is obviously different and somewhat more difficult (level 2-3).

  • Difficulty:
  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
? Read about the dificultes here.

Level 0: Can be tried even by the youngest travelers accompanied by an adult (usually from 5+ years). People afraid of heights can also join this level.

Level 1: Children min. 11+ years and conservative adults.

Level 2: You must dare to look a bit down, get wet and possibly exceed new limits.

Level 3: Only for people with good health who are not afraid of darkness, water, speed or altitude etc.

From 34 EUR/pers