Cave Gorge


A really awesome experience: you get deep into huge caves where you will be able to explore much further than a normal tourist would and beyond paths, light and dryness. You will be wearing a wet suit and will be provided with head torch while a special educated guide follows you through the underground river. You will find it sometimes necessary to fully rely on each other and jump straight into the darkness. There are typically a little rappelling and climbing in this discipline. This unique experience exists in few places around the world.

Cave Gorge
  • Difficulty:
  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
? Read about the dificultes here.

Level 0: Can be tried even by the youngest travelers accompanied by an adult (usually from 5+ years). People afraid of heights can also join this level.

Level 1: Children min. 11+ years and conservative adults.

Level 2: You must dare to look a bit down, get wet and possibly exceed new limits.

Level 3: Only for people with good health who are not afraid of darkness, water, speed or altitude etc.

From 45 EUR/pers