Mountain Climbing


The mountains in northern Spain are known for their ideal opportunities for mountain climbing. This includes everything from mountains for beginners to 500 meters vertical cliffs used by all sorts of professional climbers before they become acquainted with the world's greatest challenges. A trip up the mountains is a fun and different way to enjoy the nature and can be performed on many levels and stages. When climbing you will always be accompanied by carefully selected instructors who are using top-modern equipment.

Mountain Climbing
  • Difficulty:
  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
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Level 0: Can be tried even by the youngest travelers accompanied by an adult (usually from 5+ years). People afraid of heights can also join this level.

Level 1: Children min. 11+ years and conservative adults.

Level 2: You must dare to look a bit down, get wet and possibly exceed new limits.

Level 3: Only for people with good health who are not afraid of darkness, water, speed or altitude etc.

From 40 EUR/pers