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Camino Finisterre


Camino Finisterre


Camino Finisterre


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We have divided the road into sections, each with its own characteristics, advantages and levels of difficulty. Click on each section for more information.

Camino Finisterre

Santiago - Muxia

Level: 2.00

Distance: 117.00 km

Number of stages walk: 5

Number of stages on bike: 0

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Camino Finisterre

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Camino Finisterre (Santiago via Finisterre to Muxia)

8 days, 117 km. (73 miles) Complete your Camino with this beautiful hike to FInisterre and Muxia

From 445 €/pers. Per person in a double room.

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Camino Finisterre (Santiago via Finisterre to Muxia)

About Camino Finisterre

  • Length: 88 / 117 km. (55 / 73 miles).
  • Start: Santiago de Compostela. 
  • End: Finisterre / Muxia.

Until Columbus proved otherwise, Finisterre (Fisterra in Galician) was the end of the known world. Hence the name, Finisterrae, the end of the world, as the Romans called it. For centuries, this site has been the symbolic end for many pilgrims to gain closure after their journey to Santiago de Compostela.

During the nearly 90 km (54 miles) Camino from Santiago to Finisterre, there are several pilgrimage sights and immense natural beauty. In particular, if you have been walking for days, or even weeks, it is refreshingly breathtaking to see the Atlantic Ocean, the beautiful fjords and the white sandy beaches.

The lighthouse at Finisterre, located on top of a steep cliff, high above sea level, is surrounded by stunning landscape. Take in impressive views of the rugged and famous coastline, where countless ships have suffered ill fates on the hidden reefs of this rocky coast.

Take full advantage of some sightseeing as you pass through several small villages on the way to the "End of the World," in particular, fishing villages along the coast where you can try fresh fish and seafood in the restaurants located in several small quaint harbours.

This route has some variants, depending on your time and energy. The most popular route is the 88.9 km (54 miles) Camino from Santiago to Finisterre, for 4 nights. After the last night in Finisterre, the bus will take you back to Santiago, where you will need an extra night before catching the plane home

If you have time, we highly recommend that you walk the last stretch along the coast to Muxia and visit its famous maritime and uniquely located church, Santuario de Nosa Señora da Barca. This only requires an extra night and a day trekking. Completing this part, also gives you the right to obtain the Pilgrims Certificate at the Pilgrims Office in Santiago. 

The stretch of coast between Muxia and Finisterre is one of the most beautiful in Spain, with lots of nice sandy beaches, dunes and idyllic villages.

Finisterre is the perfect psychological, spiritual and historical end to the trip. Here you can find many interesting churches, pazos (large Galician farms), cruceiros (pilgrim crosses) and, of course, countless hórreos (typical Galician drying houses.)

It is a quiet route since most pilgrims choose to end their Camino in Santiago de Compostela.

The weather in this part of Galicia is indeed influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and the early mornings can be foggy. Eventually, as the sun gets stronger during the day, you will often find perfect conditions for walking of cycling on the Camino.

The trip to Finisterre, especially if you choose to continue to Muxia, will give you the chance to experience something truly unique, and the authentic Galicia.

Buen Camino!

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